Cell Number Portability - What Is Cell Number Portability?

Have you heard of cell number portability before? Not many people have or if they have they don't realize what it is exactly. Cell number portability is officially called wireless local number portability or wireless LPN is the short version of that. It is when the customer has the option of keeping their same cell phone number or changing it when they move from one phone carrier to another. However, you need to realize that this only goes for moving within the metropolitan areas. In other words, when you move from state to state or city to city, then the wireless LPN does not work for you.

You will want to check with your service provider to see if they offer cell number portability when you move state to state. Some of the companies do while the others don't. You will also want to check and see if they offer this for your cell phone for free or if they have a fee for doing this for you. When you decide to keep your old number and just port it then it should only take a couple of hours for your new cell phone provider to port your number from your old cell phone provider.

You should take advantage of the cell number portability when you can. This will save you from having to inform everyone you know that you have a new cell phone number. This would be a big pain and you can almost guarantee that you will forget to tell someone. This is one very good reason why the LPN portability is a good idea for everyone that has a cell phone.

Do some research about this and you will find that there are all kinds of people who don't know anything about this. By keeping yourself informed about your cell phone and what is available you will be one step ahead of a lot of other people. Any way that you can make your life easier, is a good thing.

You need to know all you can about cell number portability so that you can decide if it is something that you want to use. It may be cheaper just to get a new number but you won't know unless you take the time to find out as much as you can. Cell phones are a great thing to have but there are so many features and so many services that people don't know anything about. Don't be one of them, stay informed.


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